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• Quickly build custom budgets using predefined templates

• Customize budgets with configurable fields

• Copy preexisting budgets into new version
  (i.e. forecasting)

• Unlimited versioning with zero impact to source data

• Build limitless Budget hierarchies in OnTrax

• Unlimited Project / Budget configuration capabilities

• Budget at the corporate, operational or detail level

• Web based Budget reports integrate both Project and   Timesheet data

• Web based Budget reports integrate both
  Project and Timesheet data

• Monitor time and expenses by project to prevent budget   overruns

• Report on real-time Actuals with
  historical data

• Gain immediate insight into items
  (within / outside) thresholds

• Utilize Custom, delivered reports right out of the box

    • Eliminate cumbersome paper and spreadsheet systems

    • Refocuses staff on more revenue generating activities

    • Increases employee utilization & productivity performance

    • Simple and easy to use – no training required

    • Web enabled – 100% online functionality

    • Comprehensive security and access privileges built in

Considerations: When you chose OnTrax Manager as your organizational budgeting software, you are actually purchasing:
    Budgeting software
    • Project management software
    • Project planning software
    Time tracking software - timesheets
    Expense software
OnTrax takes budgeting software to the next level by providing planning, project management and cost tracking capabilities in one comprehensive project management software package.

Why use the OnTrax Organizational Budgeting module?
    Budgeting software is one of the three key components of OnTrax Manager Suite
      consisting of Project Planning Software, Budgeting Software and the Time Sheets
    The OnTrax version of budgeting software lets an organization track budgets through
      sophisticated integration of business data.
    OnTrax Manager provides budgeting software with the capability of delivering a unified,
      single view for collection and distribution of core business metrics.
With the OnTrax Organizational Budgeting module, not only can you collect and report on your organizational budgeting critical data, you have the ability to integrate both time sheets and project planning data as well. The time sheets component of OnTrax collects time and expense data via an easy to use, web interface. The project planning software component incorporates the costing aspect of managing multiple projects.

How easy is it to use the OnTrax Organizational Budgeting module?
    Predefined templates provide a quick start to implementing a custom, robust budgeting
      software application.
    Time sheets integrate seamlessly into both the budgeting software and project planning
      software components.
    In as little as a few hours, be up and running with the Ontrax Suite
How easy is it to use the OnTrax Organizational Budgeting module?
    Budgeting software rarely integrates with other applications, OnTrax Managers suite
      incorporates project management software, project planning software, time sheets and
      budgeting software in one cohesive package
    Use one tool for Organizational Budgeting at the corporate, operational or detail level.
    Using the dashboard overview, view immediate statuses of projects and budgets
      fiscal health.